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Indications for use of Contrast Media in MRI Examinations


  1. To exclude underlying mass or other abnormality in the patients with the history of Seizures
  2. Workup of a patient  with  possible intracranial neoplasm, either primary or metastatic
  3. When clinical symptoms indicate possibility of a mass in the cerebello-pontine angle( acoustic neuromas, meningioma or epidermoid)
  4. Pituitary related abnormalities, either micro adenoma or macro adenoma
  5. When there is suspicion of intracranial infection ( encephalitis, cerebritis or brain abscess.
  6. Workup of a patient with  severe headache, when it is needed to exclude any intracranial mass.
  7. When there is a clinical suspicion of a mass in the orbits.
  8. In a patient with multiple sclerosis, contrast enhanced examination helps to monitor the prognosis and also response to the treatment.
  9. When there has been previous surgery on the brain for neoplasm or an abscess.
  10. When there is a suspicion of granulomatous. meningitis.


  1. Patient with previous spine surgery, contrast enhanced examination helps to differentiate between post surgical scar tissue and recurrent disc herniation.
  2. When a syrinx is present, to exclude the possibility of any underlying mass.
  3. When there is possibility of mass
  4. Patients with history of recent surgery, when there is clinical suspicion of Osteomyelitis, disckitis or  an abscess


  1. When Osteomyelitis is being suspected
  2. When there is suspicion of a mass
  3. In case of foot examination, contrast enhanced examination is needed when planter fasciatis is being suspected.
  4. For diagnosis of early Rheumatoid arthritis ( shows changes of synovitis)
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