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Craniocerebral Trauma
  1. CT is the examination of choice to evaluate acute head trauma. MRI is preferred for old trauma.
  2. MRI is indicated when CT findings are discrepant or do not fully explain the clinical situation.
  3. MRI is indicated when diffuse exonal injury or non-accidental trauma (child abuse) is suspected.
  4. MRI is useful to evaluate the posterior fossa extra-axial location, when CT may be limited due streaking artifacts.
  5. Do CT brain scan without contrast if the head injury occurred within previous 2 -3 days. If the head injury occurred more then 3 days ago and patient is symptomatic, do either CT brain scan with and without contrast or MRI without contrast. In a patient who has neurolgic deficit and head injury happened more then 2 weeks ago, MRI will be more helpful.
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