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Sellar Lesions
  1. MRI (with and without contrast) is indicated for the evaluation of abnormalities of pituitary hormones.
  2. MRI is indicated for the evaluations for the symptoms that suggest a Sellar Lesion mass.  ( i.e. bi-temporal hemi-anopsia and cavernous sinus syndrome).
  3. MRI is useful in evaluating the secondary effects of sellar tumors.
  4. With dynamic pituitary Imaging; adenomas smaller than 5mm can be picked up with MRI.
  5. MRI is very useful in evaluating, hypothalamus and to locate the posterior pituitary bright spot, which sometimes can be ectopic.
  6. CT scan is not being done for pituitary abnormalities, these days.

 In addition to that, supra sellar abnormalities (possible cranio-pharyngioma or suprasellar aneurysm) are also better defined with MRI

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