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List of Procedures Available on our Equipment
  1. MRI Brain without contrast
  2. MRI Brain with and without contrast
  3. MRA Carotid Arteries
  4. MRA Circle OF Willis
  5. MRI Cervical Spine, Thoracic Spine and Lumbar Spine without contrast or with and without contrast.
  6. MRI Shoulder, Knee, Ankle, Foot, Wrist and Hip joints
  7. MRA Renal Arteries
  8. MRA Mesenteric Arteries
  9. MRA Thoracic Aorta
  10. MRI Liver with and without contrast
  11. MRI kidneys with and without contrast
  12. MRI pelvis with and without contrast
  13. MRI Adrenal Glands without contrast ( In-phase and out of Phase scanning.
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