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Infection and Inflammation in the Brain
  1. MRI with contrast is useful in showing infections in the parenchyma, subarachnoid, subdural and epidural spaces of the brain.
  2. Parenchymal infections may spread directly (along cranial nerves or from sinusitis or osteomyelitis), hematogenously or secondary to prior trauma or surgery.
  3. MRI with contrast is useful in the evaluation of infections in AIDS to show the toxoplasmosis, HIV encephalitis, CMV ependymitis, and PML.
  4. MRI can demonstrate the sequelae of infection including encephalomelacia, hydrocephalus, vasculitis, infarction and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis.
  5. MRI of the brain is first choice to rule out Intra-cranial infection like herpes, CMV, and toxoplasmosis.
  6. Meningitis is also better evaluated with MRI, as almost all the potential complications can be picked up by MRI.
  7. In all these conditions MRI examination should be done with and without contrast.
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